Beach Tournaments

Spike and Serve hosts Hawaii's largest sanctioned & non-sanctioned junior beach tournaments.

More information to be announced..

Tournament Schedule to be announced.

Beach FAQ's

Where are beach tournaments held?

Most tournaments are held at Queen's Beach Waikiki across from the Honolulu Zoo unless otherwise posted.

What are sanctioned tournaments?

To play in a sanctioned tournament you must be a member of the league or program to accrue points.  
For example, to compete in a sanctioned USAV tournament you must have a current USAV membership. 
Non-sanctioned tournaments: no membership is required.

Where do I get a membership? 

Click on the corresponding links here: USA VOLLEYBALL, AVP AMERICA, P1440.
If you already have a USAV membership for indoor club you are all set.

What are the Beach Volleyball Rules? 

Click on the corresponding links and familiarize yourself with the rules here: AVP, USA VOLLEYBALL, FIVB
Have fun and compete with aloha!

What should I bring to the beach?

Beach tournaments are usually all day affairs.  We recommend bringing shade, a tent or umbrella without logos, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, and lots of hydration and healthy snacks.  The days leading up to a beach tournament, please remember to hydrate more than usual.

Where do I park?

For tournaments at Queen's there is paid parking at the Zoo, free parking at the Shell or metered street parking.

What are safety rules for Queen's beach?

Junior athletes must never chase a ball into Kalakaua Avenue.  Please notify our staff.
Public Restroom Breaks: Junior athletes must be with a parent/guardian or go in three's with other players.
Going to the stores across Kalakaua Avenue: must be with a parent/guardian or with another player(s).
Personal Belongings: placed under your tent/umbrella.  Do not leave belongings on the rock wall.
Please do not bring pets to the beach.  It is too hot for our furry friends. 

Dress Code? Uniforms?

Uniforms are not required unless competing in a club vs club event.
Dress Code: Shorts or tights, bikini bottoms are NOT allowed at junior beach tournaments.

Do I need to bring my own net or balls?

No. All equipment is provided by us.