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Spike and Serve Gym houses state of the art work out equipment for all of your fitness needs. 

Brands like: Vertimax, Precor, Matrix, Vertec, Rogue and Hele Fitness help you reach your maximum potential.

Recover - Flotation pod

A flotation pod, or sensory deprivation tank as it’s known, is a dark, sound-proof tank designed for restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST).

The first isolation tank was designed in the 1950s by American physician and neuroscientist, John C. Lily, who hoped to study the origins of consciousness by cutting off external stimuli. Sensory deprivation is said to let your brain enter a deeply relaxed, hypnagogic (dream-like) state, allowing you to fully tune into your inner self.

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Recover - Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy (RLT) is a treatment that uses low wavelength red light to reportedly improve your skin’s appearance, such as reducing wrinkles, scars, redness and acne. It’s also touted to treat other medical conditions.

How did interest in red light therapy evolve? NASA originally began experimenting with red light therapy on plant growth in space and then to help heal wounds in astronauts. Like many developments, other potential uses began to be investigated.

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Recover - Sauna Bathing

Sauna bathing, an activity that has been a tradition in Finland for thousands of years and mainly used for the purposes of pleasure and relaxation, is becoming increasingly popular in many other populations. Emerging evidence suggests that beyond its use for pleasure, sauna bathing may be linked to several health benefits, which include reduction in the risk of vascular diseases such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and neurocognitive diseases; nonvascular conditions such as pulmonary diseases; mortality; as well as amelioration of conditions such as arthritis, headache, and flu.

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